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Dealer Profiles

Meet some of the participating dealers who help make the Mid-Atlantic show a GREAT event!

Bailey Lieberman

Bailey Lieberman hails from New Jersey and currently lives in Arlington, Virginia.  He’s been collecting since he was 3 years old (!!)—a family tradition, he’d buy packs at CVS with his dad.  He’s a New York Giants and Yankees fan (Mid-Atlantic Collectibles promises not to hold that against him).  His favorite set is the 2007 Topps baseball, which came at the height of his childhood collecting.  At the Mid-Atlantic Shows, he carries football, baseball, and basketball cards and always brings an assortment of popular, low-end $1-5 bins and junk wax packs.  He collecting interests extend outside of just sports cards and include sneakers and coins (reach out to him if interested).  His favorite player growing up was NY Giants wide receiver and Super Bowl champion Victor Cruz, and he’d love to land a Victor Cruz Rated Rookie autographed card.  You can spot Bailey at the Mid-Atlantic shows—he’ll be the one wearing the Victor Cruz jersey and a Yankees hat. 

Bailey's a great resource for those interested in the hobby and an "informal advisor" to Mid-Atlantic Sports Card show. 


You can connect with Bailey on Instagram: @fire.sportscards 

Or email him here:


















Poké DDC, based in New Tripoli, Pennsylvania, is owned by the father and son team of Curran and Dace Dever.  Poké DDC specializes in Pokémon sealed products, singles and slabs, which make up 99% of its inventory. 


At the Mid-Atlantic Show, Poké DDC plans to bring an awesome selection of sealed Pokémon products and single cards.  Booster boxes, ETB’s, collection boxes, sleeved packs, tins, Japanese and English singles and slabs, and a nice selection of vintage WOTC-era goodies too!  “We have a few very nice collectors’ items and even a few vintage Pokémon toys,” say the owners.     


I asked Poké DDC for a hobby prediction.  They anticipate a notable increase in values for the Sword and Shield era sets once Scarlet and Violet starts in March.   


I asked what card they would buy today if they knew they would have to sell it in one year…. “Lugia V Alternate Art from Silver Tempest.  I choose that card because I believe the value will double over the next few months, but I’m not a huge fan of the card, so I won’t have any problem selling it!!” 


Although Pokémon makes up 99% of their inventory, you’ll also find some baseball cards from Curran’s youth.  As a youth, he ran an unofficial weekend card "shop" out of his basement in the late ‘80s / early ‘90s.  He says he grew up buying, selling, and trading the classic cards of the era -- Jose Canseco, Ken Griffey Jr., etc. -- and still loves baseball cards  


Poké DDC's website is still under construction (, but you can find them on Mercari (Poke DDC) or reach them here:,, PH: 484-844-2665 


Iggy's Sports Cards













“Iggy” McAdams, owner of Iggy’s Sports Cards, started collecting in the mid-1980s when the hobby was erupting.  His first rip was a pack of 1985 Topps baseball.  As a kid, he grew up riding bikes to the local card shop and trading with friends.  He saved his money and built the 792-card 1986 Topps baseball set one pack at a time.  Today, he collects all-time great players and iconic cards, with a current emphasis on 1990s insert sets.  A soccer fan, his favorite athlete is Lionel Messi and he keeps some high-end Messi cards under lock and key.  Favorite sets include ’53, ’55, and ’56 Topps baseball, ’48 Leaf, ’38 Goudey Heads Up (classic!), and ’93 Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings basketball inserts. A recent highlight of his was opening a box of Topps Merlin Chrome soccer.


Iggy’s inventory at the Feb. 4 Mid-Atlantic Show will be extremely diverse with some vintage and tons of modern baseball, football, basketball, soccer and other sports sprinkled in.  He typically has more soccer on hand than most dealers.  He recently started an online store that already has almost 500 cards listed.  Attendees should go to his site (link below) and preview his inventory before the Mid-Atlantic Show. 


I asked Iggy for a hobby prediction for 2023.  He says, “I think the price decline we have been seeing is heading for a bottom and we will see prices stabilize and normalize soon. . . .  True collectors are going to thrive buying cards that are heavily discounted from a year or two ago.  I’m ready to buy some cards and have some fun!” 

If money was no object, he’d buy a 1952 Topps Willie Mays and says the risk reward on Willie over the next few years is as good as it gets.  He’d also like to upgrade his 2004 Panini Mega Cracks Lionel Messi #71 to a PSA 10.  (amen to that!)


Iggy has been an active eBay seller for about 10 years under the username “iggyscards” and recently expanded into selling at card shows and building out his online presence.  He looks forward to one day opening a shop and making it a full-time activity.  He loves meeting fellow collectors and helping them build their collections.  Come meet Iggy at the Mid-Atlantic Show or reach out to him online!


Iggy’s Sports Cards:

EBay:  @iggyscards


Captain Romero's Sports Cards


























On Monday, Nov. 28, 2022, Mid-Atlantic Collectibles caught up with Adam Romero, owner of Captain Romero’s Sports Cards. 

Originally from Brooklyn, Adam is a police offer in southern Pennsylvania who finds time in his off hours for our hobby.  He got hooked on cards after hitting a National Treasures RPA of Tua Tagovailoa in a mystery pack.  Adam started setting up at shows on the East Coast a few months into the pandemic.  For his personal collection, he focuses on Dirk Nowitzki and Luca Doncic cards and memorabilia.  One of his favorite sets is Prizm football, though he laments a recent trend towards overproduction as well as poor centering.  As a dealer he focuses on cards in the $1 to $600 range (with a handful of higher priced cards sprinkled in) and says the cards he’ll be showcasing at the Mid-Atlantic Show in February will be primarily NBA and MLB players.  Like others, Adam notes a significant dip in values in 2022 that may continue into 2023, but he’s optimistic that Fanatics’ takeover of card licenses will create an hobby upswing in 2024.  We asked Captain Romero for his prediction of a solid, medium-term (1 year) card investment and he likes Mike Trout PSA 10 rookies.  The card he says he’ll never sell is a 1998 Topps Chrome Dirk Nowitzki PSA 10.  Can’t argue with that!  

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