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House of Cards – a registered PSA group submitter – will be accepting raw cards for grading by PSA at the June 4 Mid-Atlantic Show.

House of Cards is a local card shop in Silver Spring, MD that was founded in 1976 by hobby pioneer Bill Huggins (Huggins & Scott Auctions). It is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the hobby.

House of Cards will be accepting submissions at the Mid-Atlantic Show for authentication and grading by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), the industry leader. When grading is completed, collectors will be able to pick up their cards directly at House of Cards’ retail location in Silver Spring (2301 Broadbirch Dr, Silver Spring, MD 20904).

Instructions/details for submitting your cards:

  1. Complete this online form (use a separate form for each service level you choose; you can't submit a 1964 Mantle and a 2022 Adley Rutschman in the same order!)

  2. Pay in cash the day of the show (grading fee + $1/card for outgoing shipping).  Cards will NOT be accepted for grading without payment at the time of submission.  

  3. Shortly after the show, you will receive notification of your PSA submission number, and the date your order was submitted.

  4. You will be notified when your cards are available for pickup at House of Cards. (We cannot guarantee PSA's estimated turnaround times!)

  5. Questions or comments? Contact House of Cards:

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